Industry Terms

Escort agencies, such as the incredible Supreme Angels has an extensive catalogue of beautiful women all ready for you to book them at your nearest convenience. If you're new to escort agencies the entire thing can seem a little daunting.

Hundreds of images of incredibly beautiful women surrounded by numbers and random letters such as 'GFE' and all kinds of prices, but what does it all mean?

Like any other industry, people within the companionship industry have come up with quick short-term references that refer to many different aspects of the escorting world. 

Today, we aim to make you a professional on all these terms so the next time you find yourself on Supreme Angels looking for a stunning escort in London, you'll be able to easily navigate and know exactly what services are provided by the escort.

So without stalling any longer let's get into some of the industry terms that are frequently used and what they mean, starting with:


The Girlfriend Experience is the most common of escorting services that are requested by clients and this is simply companionship at it's most intimate. TGE is pretty vanilla as far as some escort services go and usually consists of doing the kinds of things that you would do with a partner.

The whole point of the experience is to create the feeling that your escort is your girlfriend for the duration of your booking, without having any further responsibilities or commitments to her once the arranged booking is finished.


Usually provided with the girlfriend experience, DFK stands for Deep French Kissing. Although many people typically believe escorts don't kiss their clients, like everything else, it's a service which many escorts provide if the client pays for it.


PSE stands for the Porn Star Experience and this is usually the girlfriend experience turned up to 11. Including deep french kissing, deep throat service and sometimes involving a real porn star, this service can be slightly pricier than the rest on this list.

A-Level Escorts

Although the term A-level is normally used to refer to something being the best or of a high standard, in the terms of escorting, A-level refers very simply to an escort who's willing to perform Anal. Any escort with A-level in her bio is offering this as a service.


OWO is Oral Without. This basically means receiving a blow job without having any intercourse. Some clients prefer to just receive oral and don't wish to proceed any further, for these clients this service is perfect.


RO is reverse oral and simply consists of you, the client, wishing to orally please your escort. If you do want to do this you can do it as part of the RO service.

We hope you enjoyed our list of industry terms and found it useful, so the next time you find yourself on an agency website feeling a little overwhelmed you'll know exactly what everything means and be able to proceed with making a booking smoothly and know what you're asking for and what's being offered.

Thank you for reading, and happy booking!