2016-10-17 14:47:26

Clients have a few things to consider about their outcall meeting when booking an escort.  The gent concerned may want to guarantee discretion, so to meet in the hotel bar or outside the hotel and walk in together can be a quandary.  The client will need to specify how he would like the lady to dress for the outcall date.  Does he want her covered up, smart & respectable or does he want her overtly sexy & out there?  This depends on the venue.  We know some clients who love to have a sexy girl showing leg & cleavage & made up to the nines, on their arm, whilst some prefer a girl next door demure look, and keep the sexy lingerie covered up for later.  Also consider whether it is to include dinner & private time, or simply private hotel room time.  If the outcall is to include dinner, the conversation needs to flow so when clients’ let us know what they want, we can do our best to match them to the perfect companion.  Witty and good English may be one escorts’ forte, whereas another may be a pure sex kitten, with only limited conversation.  To summarise, getting the best out of your outcall experience, means the more you let us know your requirements, the happy you will be.  Call us and let us know your requirements for the perfect outcall.