Best Cocktail Bars in London with our angels

2016-06-07 15:27:29

London is blessed with many things, iconic architecture, an abundance of sexy London escorts and some of the most thriving night life anywhere in the UK. And if there's one thing Londoners love more than anything else it's a good cocktail, and there are few places on earth that know how to make a better cocktail. If you choose to spend an evening with our sexy London escorts, make sure your evening starts with a bang by taking her to enjoy a delicious cocktail at one of the following venues.

There are few more enjoyable ways to spend a Summers afternoon than soaking up the sunshine with a sexy London escort and deliciously fruity beverage. A firm favourite amongst our angels is the Punch room at the London edition which is an ideal first date location which provides the ideal balance between a vibrant atmosphere and quiet enough to be able to hold a civilized conversation with your companion. Grab yourself a classic cocktail and take spot by the open fire, the perfect intimate location on Berners St.

Another firm favourite amongst our escorts is the wonderful Discount Suit company, the go to destination for all serious cocktail enthusiasts. Don’t be put off by the dim and murky ambience, because behind the bar is where the Discount suit company really comes into its own. With a constantly evolving drinks menu there is always something new and exciting to discover, which is made even more enjoyable with a beautiful London escort. Make sure you head down to Wentworth street if you're a true cocktail lover.

Finally and we’ve saved a real treat for you last, and what is easily one of the most reputable cocktail bars in London Happiness Forgets. Unfortunately due to its quality, the bar does get exceedingly busy during peak times but for good reason. The staff are extremely knowledgeable and skilled in the alcoholic arts. Be sure to book one of our sexy London escorts and check out these three wonderful cocktail bars.